Hi, I'm Michaela.
Here are few things I've made...

Personal Page

Purpose: A landing page for my personal page. It included links to my resume and blog. I went with a simple and clean aesthetic.
Made with: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap framework, Adobe Photoshop, Google web fonts, Font Awesome, water color images

Student Template and Instruction

Purpose: A basic website template for engineering students tailored to our servers specifications. Students used it to showcase projects. The template conveys technical information to non-technical users.
Made with: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap framework, content to provide direction
Download files here. Feel free to use and edit.

Commerical Website

Purpose: I redesigned a website for a local moving company. I created organized content, a friendly aesthetic, and a social media presence. Our social media focus was the “Moving Maven Blog” which allowed the client to showcase their industry expertise with sharable content.
Made with: Customized Wordpress theme, site content, blog concept and content, logo designs created with Adobe Illustrator

Research Website

Purpose: I organized a website for a faculty research group. I customized a framework to present a modern, clean, and simple aesthetic.
Made with: HTML/CSS, HTML5up.net framework, stock photos, faculty feedback

Movie Trailer Project

Purpose: This is a python project I created for a class. It is a dynamically generated website that displays a list of movies.
Made with: Python, IMDB API, Bootstrap framework, JQuery

Department Wiki

Purpose: The IT department had a knowledge base containing procedure and protocols. I moved it to a new server along with updating the software. As well as creating content, I reorganized pre-existing documentation.
Made with: Doku Wiki, PHP, Apache, Ubuntu 14 OS

I'm available for web projects, Email me.
You can find me here: